Transport help for Funerals during Covid-19 Pandemic

For all enquiries regarding Funeral Transport please contact Tom Ryan, Transport Officer

This is the hardest thing we, as a community resource, have written so far.  Having experienced, at first hand, the distress and anguish of losing family and friends, we, as a team, decided to relieve a burden from those suffering the same.  Sadly, many funeral directors across our city are not providing any cars other than the hearse.  We would be honoured to help here by providing 3 of our minibuses (all of which would usually carry 16 passengers).  Each minibus would carry 5 or less family members ensuring safe-distancing between each individual and driver, but allowing you to remain together as a family.  Our fleet of vehicles are currently being ‘Fogged’ (deep clean using a machine to eliminate bacteria and viruses) after every trip.  Thus, families will have peace of mind that the risk of any contamination is minimised.  This is a time when families should be together and not have the worry or expense of having to find suitable travel to attend their ‘loved ones’ funeral.  Please contact us on 0151 703 0007.   There is no cost involved for this service. 

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those suffering from the loss of their loved ones. 


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